Schoen and Roddy Families

Many thanks to various family members who have aided my research. Especially helpful were my parents, James Charles and Margaret Eileen (Roddy) Schoen. I am grateful for assistance from Linda Kay Anderson, Netti (Nau) Halsey, Neva Kreger, Ken Needs, Greg and Carol Roddy, Kathy Gregory, Shirley Marie Roddy, Mary Ann (Roddy) Malone, Bill Seely, Dave Dobson, Pat Walsh, Steve Hughes, Jim Ross, J. Wright, Christine Woodcock, Karol (Burkhart) Lindow, Eileen Mary (Kernan) Neuman, and Barbara (Glovins) Carine.

These pages and this work are dedicated to: Freda Irene (Needs) Schoen, my paternal grandmother, and Benedict Aloysius Roddy, my maternal grandfather, both of whom instilled in me a deep respect and abiding love for the past; and Florence Margaret (Schoen) Livesay, my grand-aunt, who was an invaluable source of information.

Surnames (from the 6 most-recent generations): Arnold, Bender, Clay (Glee/Kleih), Crane, Dooley, Fleming, Haddow, Hayes, Herbst, Highland, Hohman, Holden, Kelly, King, Kress, Lowe, Medley, Needs, Ormiston, Richards, Roddy, Rupple, Schaad, Schoen (Schön), Seely, Skeehan, Walker, Wehner (Warner), and Welch. See Surname List for additional families.

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